1 page Anchor Website

Turnaround Time

Our 1 page anchor website will be produced within 5 - 7 working days on the basis all information is provided.


Website Host

We use the following host to create the 1 page anchor webiste: Wix.


Refund & Returns Policy

All design work will be 100% non-refundable and must be paid in full before work can be commenced. Please ensure we suit your vision by checking out our portfolio to ensure we can match your vision. If the consumer decides to cancel or service or print order there will be no refund or returns and the customer will not be reimbursed.


Once you make this purchase you will be provided with a form to fill in so we can gather all the details you will require for your website design.


Please read our full terms & conditions by clicking here, making a purchased is deemed as an agreement to our terms & conditions.

1 page Anchor Website

Would you like a payment gateway?
Additional Features
  • You will be provided with a 1 page Anchor website which will include the following:

    • Up to 15 images on website
    • Information (Text)
    • Social Media Links
    • Social Media Feed Connection
    • Anchor function
    • Free Domain cover worth £20
    • Hosting not included


    • Payment Gateway (Converts anchor website to ecommerce you can have up to 8 products uploaded)
    • Google Maps
    • Slideshow(3 images)
    • Mailing List including pop up

    The 1 page anchor website design is great for small businesses/start up businesses that want consumers to know about the service/product they are offering! 

You can upload your artwork at the checkout